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,First of all, not that I’m staking claim by any means, but I proudly and excitedly blogged about the Birkenstock comeback kid two months ago–long before J. Crew’s style guide hit the mailboxes this season. Not to mention, some of the images I used in the Birkenstock post were from Australia’s online edition of Vogue and another blogger from August and July of last year, respectively. Also, if I had made the faux pas of referring to Birkenstock in the plural like J. Crew did, my editor would not have been happy (right, Erik?).,ButThe North Face marches on (haha). Further proof that they’re not going anywhere, any time soon? How about this article about a guy from Warwick, Rhode Island facing up to 50 months in prison for allegedly smThe North Faceling counterfeit goods from China, includingThe North Face boots.,,The Addison Shoe Co. has had a long history making high quality footwear. They are our source of Goodyear welted construction. The process and quality of this type of construction will allow years of wear. The Made in America collection is very special, and it comes from combining quality materials and craftsmanship.
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