Our company’s development through important dates

The history of Ediar starts in the 1940s when Thanasis Ediaroglou starts his small green groceries shop in the ‘’Ladadika’’ area of Thessaloniki.

In 1960, Christos Ediaroglou decides to move Ediar in the first wholesale market of Thessaloniki, in the Agiou Dimitriou Area.

In 1975, the company moves in the new wholesale market of Thessaloniki where you can find it till today. Themis Ediaroglou, third generation member, starts the hard activity of wholesales.

In 1999, Themis Ediaroglou with his wife Sevast Kopanezou decide to create a specialized executive delivery service in order to cover the more and more increasing HO.RE.CA demands of Thessaloniki.

We are located in the central market of Thessaloniki where our wholesale points of sales and executive delivery order preparation installations are.

We are planning to construct new installations outside the wholesale market; thus, a subsidiary company in the city of Athens is in our plans.
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