The Company

60 years of wholesale experience!

We are located in the Central Market of the Thessaloniki where you can find our three sales points, offices, storing refrigerators, vegetables sorting out installations and our warehouses.

Our installations located in the ideal place in order to cover the wholesale needs of Thessaloniki, Macedonia and generally the broader Balkan area.

Our long term experience combined with a selected chain of growers, co-operative companies, fresh fruit and vegetables traders and many more from Greece and all over the world, guarantee the best quality, availability and prices of our products.

The freshest Delivery in Town!

We have the most integrated fresh executive delivery that covers the distribution of the whole range of our company’s products. Continuously focusing in the best quality and the tailor made services, our executive delivery service covers all needs of a modern HO.RE.CA company that needs the best quality products in the best price!
We have plenty of vans that will deliver our products in your company, for free, and in your desired time.
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